Dr. Babson Recieves
Van Slyke Award

Dr. Arthur L. Babson, Chief Scientist for DPC Cirrus, has received the D. D. Van Slyke Award from the New York Metropolitan Section of the AACC. The award dinner was cosponsored by DPC Cirrus and the Bayer Corporation on June 30. The award committee chooses among investigators who have made original and significant contributions to the field of clinical chemistry. Past recipients of this award include Solomon Berson and Rosalyn Yalow in 1968 for their indispensable contributions to the development of the radioimmunoassay.

After the award presentation, Dr. Babson delivered a lecture entitled "From Versatol to IMMULITE®: a 44-year odyssey through in-vitro diagnostics." The audience included directors and technical supervisors of clinical chemistry laboratories, as well as representatives of the diagnostic industry and friends of Dr. Babson. The presentation was followed by a buffet dinner.

Dr. Babson, inventor of the IMMULITE technology, was named "New Jersey Inventor of the Year" by the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame last year. In 1987, he founded Cirrus Diagnostics, Inc. in Chester, New Jersey, where he and his team of professionals developed the IMMULITE system. DPC acquired the company in 1992. Dr. Babson has thirty-seven issued patents on diagnostic reagents and devices, and has published sixty-six scientific papers.


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